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Hebei Zhangkong barbell Manufacturing Co., Ltd., a national standard setting unit, was founded in 1983, formerly known as Botou Zhangkong barbell manufacturing factory. In 2005, Hebei Zhangkong barbell Manufacturing Co., Ltd. was established, which is a member of China Sports Goods Federation. The new factory is located in Botou City, Hebei Province, specializing in the manufacture of weight lifting products. The registered capital of the company is 11 million yuan, covering an area of more than 40000 square meters and a construction area of 22000 square meters. The main production equipment is more than 60 sets, inspection equipment is 18 sets, automatic production equipment is more than 10 sets, technical personnel are 20, and production personnel are more than 30. It produces 10000 barbells and 5000 weightlifting platforms every year. The product quality is advanced, is the International Weightlifting Federation certification enterprise and the world weightlifting product production base.

The weight lifting equipment produced by the company has been used in 2008 (Beijing) Olympic Games, 2009 (Jinan) 11th National Games, 2009 (Hong Kong) East Asian Games; 2010 (Singapore) Youth Olympic Games, 2010 (Guangzhou) Asian Games, 2011 (Shenzhen) World University Games, 2013 (Shenyang) 12th National Games, 2014 (Nanjing) second Suppliers of lifting equipment for YOG, Oceania games 2015 (Papua New Guinea) and 2016 (Rio) Olympic Games.

China's professional weightlifting competition, training equipment and venues and design, production, manufacturing, construction, service in one professional company. It is the designated competition equipment manufacturer of China Weightlifting Association; partner of International Weightlifting Federation; partner of Asian Weightlifting Federation; partner of Oceania Weightlifting Federation; partner of Commonwealth Weightlifting Federation; partner of African Weightlifting Federation; member unit of China Sports Goods Federation; main drafting unit of national sports equipment standards; weightlifter produced by the company Materials are widely used in various fields such as venues, weightlifting schools, clubs and so on.

The company's annual sales revenue is 58.44 million yuan, and its products cover the whole country, and are exported to 136 countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Germany, France, Britain, Singapore, South Korea, Denmark, India, Iran, UAE, Russia, Pakistan, Australia, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Taiwan, Hong Kong, etc., which are highly praised by customers at home and abroad.


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